Intro to Blues Jazz TheoryTM:
Jazzy Flow Studies

Introducing the elements of tonal language analysis

“There is no such thing as a wrong note if you know the right resolution.”
Eric D. Wright, Founder/Creator Blues Jazz Theory™

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Enhance Your Understanding of the Language of Jazz

Blues Jazz Theory™ traces the origins of blue notes to the transformation of African cultural elements in the United States across the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Cultural Impact: Tonal Languages and the Roots of Afro-American Music It should be acknowledged that in addition to the many musical techniques that might...

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Create your own musical language using Blues Jazz Theory™

Exploring Context-Dependent Meaning in Music: Tones, Sequences, and Harmonic Contexts The phrase “context-dependent meaning” is associated with the linguistic and philosophical fields of semantics which focuses on the meanings attached to words and how their meanings and interpretations are dependent on the grammatical and situational contexts in which they are...

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